Demo Recycling USA  is a division of Holland Equipment Hunters Inc. / Demo Recycling Canada.

We are a "Facility decommissioning" company. Meaning we remove equipment, and service items from manufacturing plants. Getting the facility ready for new equipment, or new owners. We are a Recycling company, in that the equipment and service items are recycled. We are a safety minded company in we place a very high value on the job being done safely. We are a time sensitive company in that we proceed in a timely manner. We are a multi-national company with offices in the US and Canada.

With over 30 years of experience we say what we’ll do and do what we say.

Every situation of a plant decommissioning is different. So the approach taken will differ.

Answering the following questions will help in determining the best approach.

  1. What is the end game?
  2. Is value received or time line most important?
  3. What needs done to make the facility ready for the next use. What must go, what must stay?
  4. Equipment dispositions, sold, scraped, or relocated? (or a combination)
  5. A combination of all the above is the general rule.

Most of the jobs we have done result in an income for the facility owner. With cost offsets from plant assets, we can maximize the value thru years of experience in machine sales, auctions, ferrous and nonferrous recovery.