We are a Facility decommissioning company.  This involves removing equipment, and service items from manufacturing facilities. We make the facility ready for new equipment, or new owners. As a company we always place safety first above all. We also acknowledge that projects can be time sensitive, with safety in mind we deliver results in reasonable time. 

Every situation of a plant decommissioning is different. So the approach taken will differ.

  1. What is the end game?
  2. What needs done to make the facility ready for the next use. What must go, what must stay?
  3. Equipment dispositions; sold, scraped, relocated, or a combination?

The jobs we have done result in an income for the facility owner. With cost offsets from plant assets, we can maximize the value through years of experience in machine sales, auctions, and metal recovery. With 40 years of experience Holland Equipment can help you get results delivered, safely.